Cut up a Backless T-Shirt Tutorial

Posted on November 5, 2013

Do you have a t-shirt with a graphic on the front that you want to get rid of? You can cut it out and wear the t-shirt backwards as a backless top! Here’s the t-shirt I started off with – it’s a Gildan t-shirt, size medium, and made of 100% cotton.


1. Cut off neck and sleevesbackless-sfu-beedie-salina-siu-salinabear-cut-up-t-shirt-24 backless-sfu-beedie-salina-siu-salinabear-cut-up-t-shirt-25backless-sfu-beedie-salina-siu-salinabear-cut-up-t-shirt-6

2. Cut out front graphic from the neckline down and now the front is the back of the shirt!backless-sfu-beedie-salina-siu-salinabear-cut-up-t-shirt-27backless-sfu-beedie-salina-siu-salinabear-cut-up-t-shirt-11

3. Use the sleeve you just cut off and cut out a skinny or wide strip – up to your preference. If you’re feeling creative, you can use a contrasting colour string or a different material (satin sash?)backless-sfu-beedie-salina-siu-salinabear-cut-up-t-shirt-28

4. Cut small holes in the left and right side near your shoulder bladesbackless-sfu-beedie-salina-siu-salinabear-cut-up-t-shirt-29

5. Thread the strip through both sides and tie a bow or knotbackless-sfu-beedie-salina-siu-salinabear-cut-up-t-shirt-30backless-sfu-beedie-salina-siu-salinabear-cut-up-t-shirt-15

6. Cut the front neckline deeper to get rid of excess fabricbackless-sfu-beedie-salina-siu-salinabear-cut-up-t-shirt-1

7. To create a v-neck, cut a small hole in the front of the shirtbackless-sfu-beedie-salina-siu-salinabear-cut-up-t-shirt-31

8. Use a skinny string to scrunch up the front to create a v-neck backless-sfu-beedie-salina-siu-salinabear-cut-up-t-shirt-32

 The final look!backless-sfu-beedie-salina-siu-salinabear-cut-up-t-shirt-22backless-sfu-beedie-salina-siu-salinabear-cut-up-t-shirt-12

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